RAD Studio (Common)
Loading an image at design time

Use the Picture Editor to load images onto any of several graphic-compatible components and to specify an image to represent a form when it is minimized at runtime. 

Each graphic-compatible component has a property that uses the Picture Editor

To load an image at design time:

  1. Add a graphic-compatible component (such as TImage) to your form.
  2. To automatically resize the component so that it fits the graphic, set the component's AutoSize property to true before you load the graphic.
  3. In the Object Inspector, select the property that uses the Picture Editor.
  4. Either double-click in the Value column, or choose the ellipsis button to open the Picture editor.
(To open the Picture Editor from an Image component, you can also double-click the component in the form.)
  1. Choose the Load button to open the Load Picture dialog box.
  2. Use the Load Picture dialog box to select the image you want to display, then choose OK.
The image you choose is displayed in the Picture Editor.
  1. Choose OK to accept the image you have selected and exit the Picture Editor dialog box.
2. The image appears in the component on the form.
Note: When loading a graphic into an Image component, you can automatically resize the graphic so that it fits the component by setting the Image component's Stretch property to true. (Stretch has no effect on the size of icon (.ICO) files.)

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