RAD Studio (Common)
Librarian (TLib)


Use this dialog box to set Librarian (TLib) options.

Note: Options marked with an asterisk (*) on the options pages are the default values.

Build Configuration options 
Build Configuration  
Displays the name of the current build configuration associated with the options on this page. There are three default build configurations: Base, Debug, and Release.  
Apply Options...  
Displays the Apply Option Set dialog box to apply the options in a named option set to the current configuration.  


Common items 
Value from <parent configuration or option set>  
Indicates the value in the parent build configuration or referenced option set. If you change this value here, the change will potentially affect the Base configuration (that is, if you click OK on the Project->Options dialog and subsequently build your project).  
Indicates whether inheritance (from a parent configuration) is on or off for the option. To control inheritance, click the option, and then open the associated generic list dialog box by clicking the Ellipsis that appears. The Inherit values from parent configuration checkbox controls whether your current build configuration inherits the values listed in the lower box of the generic list dialog box.  
<any item in red print>  
Indicates that this option has secondary options available. To view the secondary options, click the + sign in front of the option in red.  
<any item in boldface print>  
Indicates that the value of this option has been changed from the value in the parent configuration or referenced option set.  
Down Arrow Pop-Up Button  
Appears after you click an option that has a set of available choices (such as True, False). Click Down Arrow to display and choose the value you want from the available choices.  
Ellipsis Pop-Up Button  
Appears after you click an option whose value is either of the following:
  • An ordered list that you enter and then arrange in the desired order, such as a list of defines or search paths. Clicking Ellipsis invokes the generic ordered list dialog box.
  • A single filename, directory or folder name. Clicking Ellipsis invokes the standard Open file or Browse for folder dialog box.


TLib options 
Case sensitive library (/c)  
Warnings on case sensitive symbols. Default = false  
Dynamic RTL  
Controls whether C RTL links statically or dynamically with runtime library (cc3280.dll). Default = false  
Filename for listing file  
Set the listing file's name. Click the Ellipsis pop-up button, as described above.  
Purge Comment Records (/0)  
Purges comment records. Removes extra records such as line numbers. Default = false  
Set library page size (/P)  
Sets library page size. Default = 0x0010  


General option 
Saves the current settings as the default for each new project.  
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