RAD Studio (Common)
Getting Started with Modeling

The two sample projects are designed to help you explore the UML modeling features while working with projects. Some of the special features include: UML modeling, patterns, generating project documentation.

The UML modeling features include support for UML 2.0, OCL, patterns, Quality Assurance audits and metrics, source code refactoring and generation, IBM Rational Rose (MDL) format import, XMI format import and export, and automated documentation generation.
In addition, diagrams are synchronized with your source code.
The modeling features are tightly integrated with the software environment. When modeling support is activated, the following items are added or modified:
  • Diagram View
  • Model View
  • Object Inspector
  • Tool Palette
In addition, specific commands are added to the main menu and the context menus of the Project Manager and Structure View.
Warning: Not all... more 
This section contains a UML 2.0 sample project guide.
Important: The actual sample project is available only for some versions of the product.
Follow the steps given in Opening the UML 2.0 Sample Project
The Code Visualization feature is available in both the Enterprise and Architect versions of RAD Studio. All other modeling tools and information related to modeling relates only to the Architect version of RAD Studio. 
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