RAD Studio (Common)
Exporting a Project to XMI Format
To export a project to XMI format:

  1. In the Model View, right-click the root project node, and choose Export Project to XMI, or choose FileExport Project to XMI on the main menu. The XMI Export dialog box opens.
  2. In the Select XMI Type groupbox, select the xml/uml version you wish the file to support. You can select from the available XMI Type choices:
    • XMI for UML 1.3 (Unisys Extension)
    • XMI for UML 1.3 (Unisys Extension, Recommended for TCC), default value
    • XMI for UML 1.3 (Unisys Extension, Recommended for IBM Rational Rose)
  3. Click the drop-down arrow to select an appropriate XMI encoding requirement. The default value is UTF-8.
  4. Specify the export destination. You can include the path as well as the name of the file (.xml) which will be created, or you can accept the default: (project folder)\out\xmi\(project name).xml
  5. Click Export. If the destination directory does not exist, a confirmation dialog asks if you want to create it.
  6. Click Yes.
Result: The created XML file is added to the specified location.

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