RAD Studio (Common)
Class Diagram Procedures

Provides how-to information on working with class diagrams.

Provides how-to information on working with sclass diagram members. 
This section includes instructions for adding inner classifiers to classes (including Windows classes, such as Windows forms, Inherited forms, User Controls and so on), structures, and modules (collectively, containers) in implementation projects.
You can add inner classifiers to class diagram elements (containers) using the respective context menu for the diagram element in the Diagram or Model Views. You can also select a classifier in the Tool Palette and click the container element in the Diagram View to add the inner classifier to the container element.
Note: Structure elements are available for implementation projects only.
Tip: You can use... more 
Class diagrams can also be used to create subviews of the project. 
This topic describes how to create and hide an interface on a class diagram. 
You can change the type of an association link. 
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