RAD Studio (Common)
Deploying Applications Overview

After you have written, tested, and debugged your application, you can make it available to others by deploying it. Depending on the size and complexity of the application, you can package it as one or more assemblies, as compressed cabinet (.cab) files, or in an installer program format (such as .msi). After the application is packaged, you can distribute it by using XCOPY, FTP, as a download, or with an installer program.  

For additional information about deploying specific types of applications, refer to the list of links at the end of this topic.

For information on deploying Win32 applications, refer to the Deploying Win32 Applications link at the end of this topic.

For complex applications that consist of multiple files, you can use an installation program. Installation programs perform various tasks, such as copying executable and supporting files to the target computer and making Windows registry entries. 

Setup toolkits, such as InstallAware, automate the process of creating installation programs, often without the need to write any code. InstallAware is based on Windows Installer (MSI) technology and can be installed from the RAD Studio installation DVD. After installing it, refer to the InstallAware online Help for information about using the product.

Many of the files associated with RAD Studio applications are subject to redistribution limitations or cannot be redistributed at all. Refer to the following documents for the legal stipulations regarding the redistribution of these files.

Contains deployment considerations for each edition of RAD Studio.  
Addresses legal rights and obligations concerning RAD Studio.  
Contains last minute information about RAD Studio, possibly including information that could affect the redistribution rights for RAD Studio files.  

These files are located, by default, at C:\Program Files\CodeGear\RAD Studio\n.n.

The redistribution rights for third party software, such as components, utilities, and helper applications, are governed by the vendor that supplies the software. Before you redistribute any third party software with your RAD Studio application, consult the third party vendor or software documentation for information regarding redistribution.

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