RAD Studio (Common)


Use this dialog to pass command-line parameters to your application, specify a host executable for testing a DLL, or load an executable into the debugger. This dialog is also available from RunParameters.

Host Application  
Specifies the path to an executable file. (Click Browse to bring up a file-selection dialog.) If the current project is a DLL or package, use this edit box to specify a host application that calls it. You can also enter the name of any executable that you want to run in the debugger. If you want to run the project that you have open, there is no need to enter anything in Host Application.  
Specifies the command-line parameters to pass to your application. Enter the command-line arguments you want to pass to your application (or the host application) when it starts. You can use the drop-down button to choose from a history of previously specified parameters.  
Working Directory  
Specifies name of the directory to use for the debugging process. By default, this is the same directory as the one containing the executable of your application.  
Source Path  
Specifies the directories containing the source files. By default, the debugger searches paths defined by the compiler. If the directory structure has changed since the last compile or if the debugger cannot find a source file, a path can be entered here to include the file in the debugging session. Click the ellipsis button to display a dialog box that allows you to edit an ordered list of directory source paths.
Additional directories are searched in the following order:
  1. The project-specific Source path (this option).
  2. The global Browsing path, as specified for Delphi for Win32 or for C++:
— For Delphi for Win32, the ToolsOptionsEnvironment OptionsDelphi OptionsLibrary - Win32 page.
— For C++, the ToolsOptionsEnvironment OptionsC++ OptionsPaths and Directories page.
  1. The global Debug Source path, as specified on the ToolsOptionsDebugger OptionsCodeGear Debuggers page.
Saves the current settings as the default for each new project.  
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