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ProjectOptionsDelphi Compiler 

Use this page to set the Delphi compiler options for the current project.

Note: Not all of the options described here are available for all types of projects. For example, DCP output directory
does not appear for C++ projects.

Build Configuration options 
Build Configuration  
Displays the name of the current build configuration associated with the options on this page. There are three default build configurations: Base, Debug, and Release.  
Apply Options...  
Displays the Apply Option Set dialog box to apply the options in a named option set to the current configuration.  


Common items 
Value from <parent configuration or option set>  
Indicates the value in the parent build configuration or referenced option set. If you change this value here, the change will potentially affect the Base configuration (that is, if you click OK on the Project->Options dialog and subsequently build your project).  
Indicates whether inheritance (from a parent configuration) is on or off for the option. To control inheritance, click the option, and then open the associated generic list dialog box by clicking the Ellipsis that appears. The Inherit values from parent configuration checkbox controls whether your current build configuration inherits the values listed in the lower box of the generic list dialog box.  
<any item in red print>  
Indicates that this option has secondary options available. To view the secondary options, click the + sign in front of the option in red.  
<any item in boldface print>  
Indicates that the value of this option has been changed from the value in the parent configuration or referenced option set.  
Ellipsis Pop-Up Button  
Appears after you click an option whose value is either of the following:
  • An ordered list that you enter and then arrange in the desired order, such as a list of defines or search paths. Clicking Ellipsis invokes the generic ordered list dialog box.
  • A single filename, directory or folder name. Clicking Ellipsis invokes the standard Open file or Browse for folder dialog box.


Delphi Compiler options 
Conditional defines  
Specify the symbols referenced in conditional compiler directives. Use a semicolon to separate multiple defines. See the description of the Ellipsis pop-up button, above.  
DCP output directory  
Specifies where the .dcp (Win32) file is placed at compilation time. If left blank, the global DCP output directory specified in the ToolsOptionsEnvironment OptionsDelphi OptionsLibrary page is used instead. See the description of the Ellipsis pop-up button, above.  
Default Namespace  
Indicates the default namespace used for all units in the project. Enter the name of a namespace, such as ComCtrls or SysUtils.  
Namespace prefixes  
Specifies the prefixes for dotted namespaces, to allow you to create a shorthand version of the namespace in the uses clause in your code. For example, instead of writing CodeGear.Vcl.DB, you could specify CodeGear.Vcl as your namespace prefix. In the uses clause, you could then specify uses DB;. See the description of theEllipsis pop-up button, above.  
Output directory  
Specifies where the compiler should put the executable file. See the description of the Ellipsis pop-up button, above.  
Package output directory  
Specifies where the compiler puts generated package files (.BPL). See the description of the Ellipsis pop-up button, above.  
Search path (-R, -U, -O, -N)  
Specifies the location of your source files. Only those files on the compiler's search path or the library search path are included in the build. If you try to build your project with a file not on the search path, you will receive a compiler error. You must include the entire search path.
Separate multiple directory path names with a semicolons. Whitespace before or after the semicolon is allowed but not required. Relative and absolute path names are allowed, including path names relative to the current position.  
Unit aliases  
Useful for backwards compatibility. Specify alias names for units that may have changed names or were merged into a single unit. The format is <oldunit>=<newunit> (for example, Forms=Xforms). Separate multiple aliases with semicolons.
The default value for Delphi is WinTypes=Windows;WinProcs=Windows.Default. See the description of the Ellipsis pop-up button, above.  
Unit output directory  
Specifies a separate directory to contain the .dcu (Win32) . See the description of the Ellipsis pop-up button, above.  


General item 
Saves the current settings as the default for each new project.  

Tip: To display the compiler options in the Messages
window when you compile a project, choose ToolsOptionsEnvironment Options and select Show command line. The next time you compile a project, both the command used to compile the project and the response file are displayed in the Messages window. The response file lists the compiler options and the files to be compiled.

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