RAD Studio (Common)
Creating a Browse-Through Sequence of Diagrams

You can link entire diagrams at one level of detail to the next diagram up or down in a sequence of increasing granularity, or you can link from key use cases or actors to the next diagram.

To create a browse-through sequence:

  1. Think of the answers to the following questions:
    • Why do you want to link several diagrams? What is your general idea?
    • What types of diagrams are you going to link? Usually you link Use Case Diagrams, but you can include any other types to a sequence.
    • Do you want to create “vertical” top-down links, or “horizontal” links for diagrams at one level?
    • Do you want to link entire diagrams, or specific model elements?
  2. Open the main diagram of the sequence you are going to create.
  3. Select the source model element, or right-click the diagram background to link the entire diagram.
    Note: If you choose to hyperlink to a new diagram, its shortcut appears on the source diagram.
    Tip: It is recommended to use some common approach for all links in your sequence.
  4. Create a hyperlink to the next diagram. The titles of source and destination elements turn blue.
  5. Open the destination diagram.
  6. Repeat steps 3–5 for all parts of your sequence.
  7. Optionally, create hyperlinks in the reverse motion.

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