RAD Studio (Common)
Modeling Configuration Options

This section describes UML modeling options.

The configuration options apply to the four hierarchical levels. Each level contains a number of categories, or groups, of options.
The configuration options can be specified at the following levels:
  • Default: Options at this level apply to all the current projects and project groups, as well as newly created ones. Diagram options apply to newly created diagrams within these projects and project groups. All options are available at this level.
  • Project group: Options at this level apply to the current project group. Diagram options apply to newly created diagrams within this project group. All options are available at... more 
This section describes modeling option categories. 
To edit an option, click the value field to invoke the appropriate value editor. There are several types of value editors:
  • In-line text editor. To edit a value in a text field, type the new value. Changes are applied when you press Enter or move the focus to another field.
  • Combo box or list box. Clicking a box field reveals the list of possible values. Select the required value from the list.
  • Dialog box. Clicking a dialog box field reveals the button that opens the dialog box. Specify the required values and click OK to apply changes.... more 
ToolsOptionsModelingvarious pagesSource Code
Descriptions for source code options.
The Source Code options allows you to control whether dependency links are drawn automatically on diagrams. The table below lists the Source Code general options, descriptions, and default values.  
The following system macros can be used inside the text of some options:
  • TIME: current time
  • LONGTIME: current time (long format)
  • DATE: current date
  • LONGDATE: current date (long format)
  • PROJECT: project name
  • DIAGRAM: diagram name
  • USER: user name
  • COMP: computer name
For example, if you use: Project: %PROJECT%, diagram: %DIAGRAM%
It prints in the footer as: Project: Project1, diagram: DgrClass1 
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