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Navigates through the unit files. The Code Explorer contains a tree diagram that shows all of the types, classes, properties, methods, global variables, and global routines defined in your unit. It also shows the other units listed in the uses clause. Right-click an item in the Code Explorer to display its context menu. 

When you select an item in the Code Explorer, the cursor moves to that item’s implementation in the Code Editor. When you move the cursor in the Code Editor, the highlight moves to the appropriate item in the Code Explorer.  

The Code Explorer uses the following icons:

Class icon  
Interface icon  
Unit icon  
Constant icon  
Constants or variables (including fields)  
Method icon  
Methods or routines: Procedures (green)  
Method icon  
Methods or routines: Functions (yellow)  
Property icon  
Type icon  

Tip: To adjust the Code Explorer settings, choose Tools->Options->Delphi Options->Explorer

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