RAD Studio (Common)
E2045: Bad object file format: '%s' (Delphi)

This error occurs if an object file loaded with a $L or $LINK directive is not of the correct format. Several restrictions must be met:

  • Check the naming restrictions on segment names in the help file
  • Not more than 10 segments
  • Not more than 255 external symbols
  • Not more than 50 local names in LNAMES records
  • LEDATA and LIDATA records must be in offset order
  • No THREAD subrecords are supported in FIXU32 records
  • Only 32-bit offsets can be fixed up
  • Only segment and self relative fixups
  • Target of a fixup must be a segment, a group or an EXTDEF
  • Object must be 32-bit object file
  • Various internal consistency condition that should only fail if the object file is corrupted.

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