RAD Studio (Common)
Class Explorer Overview

The Class Explorer makes it easy to navigate through your project unit files viewing hierarchical structure of declared types, classes, interfaces, and namespaces and automates the creation of members (fields, methods, properties). 

The Delphi Class Explorer window (the main window of the Class Explorer) is separated onto two areas:

  • The Class View pane, it occupies the upper part of the Delphi Class Explorer window.
  • The Member List pane.
The Class View shows a tree structure of types, classes, interfaces, and namespaces declared directly in your project. 

The Member List displays local and global members (fields, properties, and methods) declared in a node (class/interface) selected in the Class View

To open the Delphi Class Explorer window click the ViewDelphi Class Explorer menu item. 

By default, the Delphi Class Explorer window appears docked to the top left corner of the application window. Like any other dockable windows, you can drag the Delphi Class Explorer window to another docking site using the grab bar at the top, or close the window by clicking the cross button in the upper right corner. 

The Class Explorer parses all unit files registered in a project when the project is opened and parses each single unit file when it is saved. The Class Explorer uses the obtained information to order nodes (units, classes, interfaces, types) in the Class View tree and to order members (fields, properties, and methods) displayed in the Member List.

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