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ProjectConfiguration Manager 

The Configuration Manager is composed of left-hand pane and a right-hand pane, and at the top is a drop-down Configuration selection list and a set of six buttons. You can use the buttons and the context menu commands of the Configuration Manager to perform any of the following tasks:

  • Designate the active build configuration for a project.
  • Create a new build configuration based on a selected configuration for one or more projects
  • Apply an option set to the current selected build configuration(s)
  • Save the current option set to disk as an .optset file
  • Delete configurations
  • Edit option sets
  • Remove referenced option sets from one or more projects

Button Help: The six buttons at the top display customized tool-tip help that describes exactly what the button will do if you click it. Move the mouse over the button to display the current tool tip. For example:  

Make <selected_configuration> the active configuration for
                                              selected projects

The two panes of the Configuration Manager have the following functions: 

  • The left-hand pane displays the current projects and the active configuration for each project. The All tab lists all the projects and project groups that have the selected configuration. To enable the buttons, you need to select one or more projects from this list.
  • The right-hand pane displays the option values of a selected option set that has been applied by reference to the currently selected configuration. The right-hand pane is blank and only the All tab is present for a configuration that has no option sets that were applied by reference.

Right-pane Help: Two lines at the top of the right-hand pane display help cues. For example, the following help message is displayed when the selected project has no option sets (and thus nothing can be displayed in the right-hand pane):  

Configuration <name> has no referenced option sets.

After you select a configuration that has one or more referenced option sets, the following help message is displayed to direct you to select a tab to display the option set::

No option set selected. Click on a tab to select an option set.


Displays the currently selected configuration. When the Configuration Manager opens, this field displays the name of the current active build configuration for the project. The drop-down list includes configurations of all the projects in the project group: such as the three default configurations (Base, Debug and Release) along with the build configurations that you have created. The configuration that you select in this field is the one that is acted upon when you click any of the buttons located to the right of this field.  
Activates the configuration listed in the Configuration field. This button is disabled when the current active configuration is selected in the Configuration field.  
Edits the currently selected option set (opens the Editing Options dialog box). This button is disabled when the currently selected configuration has no option sets that were applied by reference.  
Creates a new configuration or option set nested under the selected configuration for all the selected projects. Click the down-arrow to select either New Configuration or New Option Set. If you select New Configuration, the New Build Configuration dialog box is displayed. If you select New Option Set, the Editing Options dialog box is displayed.  
Adds an option set to the currently selected configuration for all selected projects. Opens the Apply Option Set dialog box. After you save the option set, a new option-set tab is added to the Configuration Manager.  
Saves the selected configuration to disk as an option set file (.optset). Opens the Save As dialog box.  
For all selected projects, either removes the selected configuration or, if an option set is selected. removes the option set from the configuration. Does not delete the .optset file.  
Applicable Projects  
Lists the names of your projects, the active configuration associated with each project. Select the project or projects for which you want to manage build configurations and option sets.  

When you right-click a project in the left-hand pane of the Configuration Manager, you can select from the following context menu commands.

Designates the selected configuration (that is, the name displayed in the Configuration field) as the current active configuration for the selected projects.  
New Configuration  
Creates a new build configuration based on the selected active configuration(s); opens the New Build Configuration dialog box.  
New Option Set  
Creates a new empty option set file.  
Add Option Set  
Applies an option set to the selected configuration; opens the Apply Option Set dialog box.  
Save to option set  
Saves the option values of the current selected active configuration(s) as an option set file.  
Deletes the selected active configuration(s) after displaying a verification dialog box.  
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