RAD Studio (Common)
Attach to Process

RunAttach to Process 

Debugs a process that is currently running on the local or remote computer.

Select the appropriate debugger from the list of registered debuggers. If you choose the CodeGear Win32 debugger, both managed and unmanaged processes are displayed.  
Remote Machine 
The name of the remote machine that is running the application that you want to debug.  
Running Processes 
Lists the processes currently running on the local or, if specified, the remote computer. Note that the Remote Server must be running.  
Lists the process identifier of the process.  
Lists the location of the process.  
Show System Processes 
Displayed if the Debugger option indicates the CodeGear Win32 debugger. Includes system processes in the Running Processes list.  
Pause After Attach 
Pauses the process after the debugger attaches to it and displays the CPU View. You will need to run, step, or trace to resume execution.  
Refreshes and redisplays the list of running processes.  
Attaches the debugger to the selected process and, if Pause After Attach is enabled, displays the CPU window.
The Attach button is disabled for the IDE itself or for any process that you have already attached to with the debugger.  
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