RAD Studio (Common)
Annotating a Diagram
Use the following actions to annotate a diagram:

  1. Draw an annotation
  2. Draw an annotation link
  3. Type comments

To draw an annotation:

  1. In the Diagram View, you can:
    • Hyperlink the note to another diagram or element.
    • Edit the text when its in-place editor is active.
    • Edit the properties of a note using Object Inspector.
    • Add an existing note from one diagram to another diagram using a shortcut. (Select Add Shortcuts from any diagram context menu.)
  2. In the Object Inspector for the note, you can:
    • Edit the text.
    • Change the foreground and background colors.
    • Change the text-only property.

To draw an annotation link:

  1. Click the Note Link button on the Tool Palette.
  2. In the Diagram View, click the source element.
  3. Drag the link to the destination element.
  4. Drop when the second element is highlighted.
Tip: You can use the Object Inspector
to view both the client and supplier sides of the link.

To type comments:

  1. To enter comments in the source code, use the Comment fields (Author, Since, Version) in the Object Inspector for the class.
  2. You can also enter source code comments directly into the code using the Editor.

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