RAD Studio (Common)
UDDI Browser

ProjectAdd Web Reference 

Searches for services and providers in the UDDI services sites with WSDL described services. Search by name or browse through available categorization schemas.

Microsoft production  
Launches Microsoft's Production site for existing Web Services.  
Microsoft Test  
Launches Microsoft's Test site for existing Web Services.  
XMethods Most recent  
Launches www.xmethods.com/ home page and provides the most recent listings of Web Services.  
XMethods full  
Launches a full service list of all available Web Services.  
IBM Secure  
Launches IBMs UDDI Browser and lets you search for UDDI Business registeries.  
Web reference folder name  
Displays the name of the web reference as defined in the active WSDL document.  
Add Reference  
Adds the reference displayed in the Web reference folder name text box to your project and generates a proxy unit for the web reference.  
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