RAD Studio (Common)
Add Runtime Packages

ProjectOptionsPackagesEllipsis buttonEllipsis button 

Use this dialog box to add a runtime package to the Design packages list.

Package Name  
Type the name of the package to add to the Runtime Packages list, or click the Browse button to search for the package using the Package File Name dialog. If the package is in the Search Path, a full path name is not required. (If the package directory is not in the Search Path, it is added at the end.)  
Search Path 
If you haven't included a full directory path in the Package Name edit box, make sure the directory where your package resides is in this list. If you add a directory in the Search Path edit box, you are changing the global Library Search Path. Click [...] to get an ordered list of search paths that you can edit. You can also change the path list in this field.  
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