RAD Studio VCL Reference
Variants Namespace Variables
Specifies rule fixing up Boolean values converted to strings. 
Provides the support for changing the type of a Variant from varAny to a real Variant
Provides the support for clearing a Variant of type varAny
Contains an OleVariant that represents an unused optional parameter on a dual interface. 
Specifies string value of Null variants. 
Specifies rule for Null variant equality comparison. 
Specifies rule for Null variant magnitude comparison. 
Specifies whether Null conversion is an error. 
Controls the mode in which Int64 values are stored in a OleVariant
Specifies whether space-efficient System::Variant Types are preferred. 
Provides the support for increasing the reference count of a Variant of type varAny
Provides the support for IDispatch-based Automation. 
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