RAD Studio VCL Reference
SysUtils Namespace Types
ExceptClass declares an Exception class. 
PByteArray declares a pointer to an array of Bytes. 
PDayTable is a pointer to a TDayTable type. 
PExceptionRecord is a pointer to a TExceptionRecord type. 
This is type SysUtils.PThreadInfo. 
PWordArray is a pointer to a TWordArray type. 
TByteArray declares an array of Bytes. 
TBytes declares an array of Bytes. 
This is type SysUtils.TCharArray. 
TDayTable is used to hold the number of days of each month of a year. 
TFileName is a string that represents a file name. 
This is type SysUtils.TFunc. 
TIntegerSet is used to treat an integer as a set of bits. 
TMREWSync is a short name equivalent to TMultiReadExclusiveWriteSynchronizer
TPackageInfoProc is a call-back procedure invoked by GetPackageInfo
This is type SysUtils.TPredicate. 
This is type SysUtils.TProc. 
TProcedure declares a procedure. 
TReplaceFlags indicates how to perform a search-and-replace operation 
TSysCharSet is a set or characters. 
TTerminateProc is a call-back function invoked by CallTerminateProcs
TValidatePackageProc is a call-back function invoked by LoadPackage
TWordArray declares an array of Words. 
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