RAD Studio VCL Reference
CategoryButtons Namespace Types
Defines button items that are to be included in a container, such as in button groups or category buttons. 
Metaclass of the TButtonCategories class. 
Metaclass of TButtonCategory
Values indicating the drawing state of buttons. 
Metaclass of TButtonItemActionLink
Defines the button item class. 
This is type CategoryButtons.TCatButtonCategoryEvent. 
This is type CategoryButtons.TCatButtonCopyEvent. 
This is type CategoryButtons.TCatButtonDrawEvent. 
This is type CategoryButtons.TCatButtonDrawIconEvent. 
This is type CategoryButtons.TCatButtonEvent. 
This is type CategoryButtons.TCatButtonGetHint. 
Defines button options for category buttons. 
This is type CategoryButtons.TCatButtonReorderEvent. 
This is type CategoryButtons.TCategoryCollapseEvent. 
This is type CategoryButtons.TCategoryReorderEvent. 
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