RAD Studio VCL Reference
AxCtrls Namespace Classes
TActiveForm is the base class for a VCL Form exposed as an ActiveX control. TActiveForm represents a form that is created by a class factory (in Delphi) or using the Active Template Library (C++) and used as an ActiveX control in ActiveX host applications. 
A COM object which provides the interfaces necessary to support an ActiveX control. 
The ActiveFormFactory object is the class factory for TActiveForm
TActiveXControl is an abstract class that provides the functionality to embed a VCL control into an ActiveX Container window. 
TActiveXControlFactory is the factory class for ActiveX control objects. 
TActiveXPropertyPage represents a COM object that provides the interfaces for supporting an ActiveX property page. 
TActiveXPropertyPageFactory implements a COM factory for an ActiveX property page. 
TAdapterNotifier provides the binding between a VCL type object and comparable OLE type object. 
TConnectionPoint implements the IConnectionPoint interface for a single outgoing interface. 
TConnectionPoints implements the IConnectionPointContainer interface for a COM object that generates events on clients. 
TCustomAdapter is a base class for objects that bind VCL objects to COM interfaces. 
TFontAdapter is a helper class used to connect a TFont object to an OLE font object. 
TOleGraphic is a wrapper for an OLE graphical interface. 
TOleStream reads and writes information over a streaming interface that is provided by an OLE object. 
TPictureAdapter connects a native TPicture object to an OLE picture object. 
TPropertyPage is the base class for controls that represent an ActiveX control's property page. 
TPropertyPageImpl implements the IPropertyPage interface to provide the interfaces needed to support an ActiveX property page. 
TReflectorWindow ensures that ActiveX controls respond properly to Windows messages. 
TStringsAdapter is a helper class used to allow a TStrings object to implement an IStrings interface for use with OLE. 
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