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ADODB Namespace Structs, Records, Enums
Structs, Records, Enums
TADOLockType specifies the types of locks used. 
This is record ADODB.TAffectRecords. 
TCommandType values designate the type of a command. 
TConnectMode values indicate the persimissions available to a connection. 
TConnectOption indicates whether the connection to the ADO data store is synchronous or asynchronous. 
TCursorLocation values specify whether to use client-side or server-side cursor library. 
TCursorOptions values indicate the functionality a recordset provides. 
TCursorType valies indicate the type of cursor to use for a recordset. 
TEventReason values indicate the reason an event occurred. 
TEventStatus values indicate the success or failure of an operation. 
This is record ADODB.TExecuteOption. 
This is record ADODB.TFilterGroup. 
TIsolationLevel values specify the level of isolation for a connection. 
This is record ADODB.TMarshalOption. 
This is record ADODB.TObjectState. 
This is record ADODB.TParameterAttribute. 
TParameterDirection specifies the direction of a parameter. 
TPersistFormat values indicate the format for a saved recordset. 
This is record ADODB.TRecordStatus. 
TSchemaInfo values indicate the type of schema information to retrieve. 
This is record ADODB.TSeekOption. 
TXactAttribute values specify automated transaction behavior. 
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