RAD Studio VCL Reference
ADODB Namespace Classes
EADOError is the exception class for database errors generated by ADO databases. 
TADOBlobStream is a stream object that reads from and writes to field objects that represent Binary large object (BLOB) fields. 
TADOCommand represents an ADO command object. 
TADOConnection connects to an ADO data store. 
TADODataSet represents a dataset retrieved from an ADO data store. 
TADOQuery provides the means for issuing SQL against an ADO data store. 
TADOStoredProc encapsulates a stored procedure in an ADO database. 
TADOTable is a dataset component that encapsulates a table accessed through an ADO data store. 
TCustomADODataSet is the virtualized base class for all ADO dataset components. 
TParameter represents a parameter. 
TParameters manages a collection of parameters. 
TRDSConnection implements an RDS DataSpace object. 
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