RAD Studio VCL Reference
TWinControl Methods Public Methods
Public Methods
Sends a message to each of the child controls. 
Indicates whether a control can receive focus. 
Indicates whether a specified control exists within the control. 
Returns the child control located at a specified position within the control. 
Creates and initializes a control as the child of a specified non-VCL window. 
Provides message handling for all messages that the control does not fully process itself. 
Disables the realignment of child controls. 
Generates an OnDockDrop event. 
Decrements the reference count incremented by the DisableAlign method, eventually realigning the child controls. 
Returns a child control given its name. 
Reverses the positions of child controls. 
Determines whether the control has input focus. 
Calls a specified method for each child of the control. 
Builds a list of controls in tab order. 
Reports whether a screen object handle exists for the control. 
Creates a screen object for the control if it doesn't already exist. 
Inserts a control into the Controls array property. 
Schedules a control repaint. 
This is the overview for the PaintTo method overload. 
Returns False, no matter the value of Msg
Forces the control to realign children. 
Removes a specified control from the Controls array. 
Repaints the entire control. 
Rescale control and its children. 
Scroll control contents. 
Sets the windowed control's boundary properties all at once. 
Makes a control visible at design time. 
Gives the input focus to the control. 
Forces the control to update. 
Respond to state change. 
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