RAD Studio VCL Reference
TPageControl Methods Protected Methods
Protected Methods
Indicates whether a tab sheet in the page control can be selected. 
Responds to changes in the page control. 
Provides necessary adjustments when a new client is docked in the page control. 
Indicates whether an object that is dragged over the page control can be docked. 
Provides necessary adjustments when a control is undocked from the page control. 
Specifies the image to display for a particular page. 
Returns the tab sheet on which a client is docked. 
Returns the page control's docking information. 
Initializes the page control after all its parts have been loaded from a stream. 
This is SetActivePage, a member of class TPageControl. 
Assigns indexes to the pages that reflect the order in which pages are loaded from a stream. 
Sets the TabIndex property. 
Displays a specified page. 
Updates the ActivePage property when changes are made to the Pages property. 
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