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TCustomADODataSet Methods Public Methods
Public Methods
Tests the validity of a specified bookmark. 
Cancels a pending batch update. 
Cancels pending cached updates. 
Duplicates another dataset in the calling component 
Compares two bookmarks. 
Creates a blob stream for a Binary large object (BLOB) field in the dataset. 
Deletes one or more records in the dataset. 
Filters a data set to just rows with pre-defined bookmarks. 
Retrieves the current value of a field into a buffer. 
Lists the field components that link this dataset as a detail of a master dataset. 
This is the overview for the GetFieldData method overload. 
Indicates whether the underlying database table uses record numbers to indicate the order of records. 
Loads a recordset from a file. 
Searches the dataset for a specified record and makes that record the current record. 
Retrieves field values from a row that matches specified search values. 
Provides access to a secondary recordset. 
Refreshes the recordset. 
Saves a recordset to a file. 
Searches for a record using the current index. 
Indicates whether a dataset supports certain types of operations. 
Writes pending batch updates to disk. 
Indicates the update status of the current record. 
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