RAD Studio VCL Reference
TCheckBox Members Protected Properties
Protected Properties
Contains the action link object associated with the control. 
Specifies whether the control sizes itself automatically to accommodate its contents. 
Specifies which edges of the control are beveled. 
Specifies the cut of the inner bevel. 
Specifies the control's bevel style. 
Specifies the cut of the outer bevel. 
Specifies the width of the inner and outer bevels. 
Specifies the width of the control's border. 
Specifies whether the button control accepts mouse clicks. 
Specifies the default window procedure for the windowed control. 
Specifies whether the control uses the Windows icon font when writing text. 
Determines the behavior of the input method editor (IME). 
Specifies the input method editor (IME) to use for converting keyboard input to Asian language characters. 
Determines whether a form stores its form-specific properties to a stream. 
Indicates whether the control has "captured" mouse events. 
Determines whether control uses parent's theme background. 
Reflects which attributes of the control have been scaled. 
Contains a text string associated with the control. 
Accumulates mouse wheel rotations. 
Provides access to a window handle for the control. 
Contains the text string of the control. 
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