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TIBDataSet Members Public Methods
Public Methods
Writes a dataset's pending cached updates to the database. 
Executes the parameterized query in SQL for input in the referenced input object. 
Outputs the selected query in SQL to the referenced OutputObject. 
Indicates the validity of a specified bookmark. 
Returns the status of the cached updates. 
Clears all pending cached updates from the cache. 
Compares two bookmarks. 
Creates an instance of a TDataSet component. 
Returns a TIBDSBlobStream object for reading or writing the data in a specified blob field. 
Returns the descriptor area that holds information about the current query. 
Destroys the instance of a dataset component. 
Executes the SQL statement that the SelectSQL property specifies when it is not a SELECT statement. 
Retrieves all records from the current cursor position to the end of the file and stores them locally. 
Retrieves the current record into a buffer. 
This is the overview for the GetFieldData method overload. 
IsSequenced indicates whether sequence numbers are available for database records. 
Searches the dataset for a specified record and makes that record the current record. 
Searches the dataset for the record after a specified record and makes that record the current record. 
Retrieves field values from a record that matches specified search values. 
Returns a specified parameter of the SELECT query that fetches this dataset's data. 
Writes a modified record to the database server. 
Prepares all queries in the dataset to be executed. 
Sets the record to modified or unmodified. 
Restores the current record in the dataset to an unmodified state when cached updates are enabled. 
Returns the type of query to be executed. 
Restores a record deleted from the dataset. 
Resets the state of a dataset's internal queries. 
Reports the update status for the current record. 
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