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TComboBoxExStrings Members Protected Methods
Protected Methods
Copies the properties of an object to a destination object. 
Compares two strings. 
Provides an interface for a method that reads and writes otherwise unpublished data. 
Reads and writes the Strings property as if it were published. 
This is the overview for the Error method overload. 
Returns the name portion of a string that is a name value pair. 
This is GetItemClass, a member of class TComboBoxExStrings. 
This is GetItemsClass, a member of class TComboBoxExStrings. 
Returns the owner of an object. 
Returns the value of the Text property. 
Changes the value of the string with a specified index. 
Changes the object associated with the string at a specified index. 
Changes the amount of memory allocated to hold strings in the list. 
Sets the Text property. 
Performs internal adjustments before or after a series of updates. 
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