RAD Studio VCL Reference
TReader Members Public Events
Public Events
Occurs when the object from which a streamed object is derived cannot be found. 
Occurs when the reader has read a component's class but has not yet instantiated the component. 
Occurs when a reader object encounters an error reading its data, such as reading the name of an undeclared property or an illegal value. 
Occurs when a reader first reads the name of a component class. 
This is OnFindComponentInstance, a member of class TReader. 
Occurs each time the reader object reads an event, which is a method-pointer property, for an object. 
This is OnFindMethodInstance, a member of class TReader. 
Occurs when resolving references to other objects such as when one object is the property value of another. 
Occurs just before the reader object sets the Name property of a component it reads from its stream. 
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