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TButtonGroup Members Published Properties
Published Properties
Determines how the control aligns within its container (parent control). 
Indicates whether a control should be constrained by margins. 
Specifies how the control is anchored to its parent. 
Specifies which edges of the control are beveled. 
Specifies the cut of the inner bevel. 
Specifies the control's bevel style. 
Specifies the cut of the outer bevel. 
Specifies the width of the inner and outer bevels. 
BorderStyle specifies the appearance of the button group border. 
Specifies the width of the control's border. 
ButtonHeight specifies the height of the buttons in the group. 
Specifies options for button display and behavior. 
ButtonWidth specifies the width of the buttons in the group. 
Specifies the image used to represent the mouse pointer when it passes into the region covered by the control. 
Custom hint for control. 
Specifies whether the control can be the target of drag-and-dock operations. 
Determines whether the control's image is rendered directly to the window or painted to an in-memory bitmap first. 
Indicates the image used to represent the mouse pointer when the control is being dragged. 
Specifies whether the control is being dragged normally or for docking. 
Determines how the control initiates drag-and-drop or drag-and-dock operations. 
Controls whether the control responds to mouse, keyboard, and timer events. 
Controls the attributes of text written on or in the control. 
Specifies the vertical size of the control in pixels. 
Numeric ID for control's context-sensitive help topic 
Keyword for control's context-sensitive help topic 
Indicates whether the control's context sensitive help topic is identified by context ID or by keyword. 
Contains the text string that can appear when the user moves the mouse over the control. 
This is Images, a member of class TButtonGroup. 
Specifies the index of the currently selected item. 
Button items in this group. 
Specifies the horizontal coordinate of the left edge of a component relative to its parent. 
Specifies the margins for the control. 
Specifies the name of the component as referenced in code. 
Determines where a control looks for its custom hint. 
ParentDoubleBuffered defers the DoubleBuffered property of this component to the value of the parent's DoubleBuffered property. 
Identifies the pop-up menu associated with the control. 
Determines whether the control displays a Help Hint when the mouse pointer rests momentarily on the control. 
Indicates the position of the control in its parent's tab order. 
Determines if the user can tab to a control. 
Stores an integer value as part of a component. 
Specifies the Y coordinate of the top left corner of a control, relative to its parent or containing control in pixels. 
Determines whether the component appears onscreen. 
Specifies the horizontal size of the control or form in pixels. 
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