RAD Studio VCL Reference
TActiveXControlFactory Members Public Properties
Public Properties
Specifies the class identifier (CLSID) for the COM class that the particular instance of the factory can instantiate. 
Specifies an interface reference that provides type information without having to load a type library. 
Specifies the name of the class that the class factory instantiates. 
Specifies the class type that the factory instantiates. 
Specifies the COM server that owns the class factory. 
Describes the class object. 
Contains the entry for the dispatch interface implemented by the OLE Automation object created by the factory. 
Returns an ITypeInfo interface reference to the type information for the dispinterface implemented by the OLE Automation object. 
Indicates the interface of the CoClass in which an error occurred. 
Specifies the GUID for the control’s events interface. 
Provides an interface to the type information object for the object’s events interface. 
Indicates the process space of COM object instances. 
Contains licensing information about the object. 
Represents a set of status bits that are stored in the registry. 
Specifies the name of the class factory. 
Indicates whether the COM object factory displays a message box when exceptions are raised. 
Indicates whether the object being instantiated supports licensing. 
Indicates the type of thread support provided by objects that the factory creates. 
Designates the resource identifier of the ActiveX control. 
WinControlClass is the class of the VCL control that implements the Windows behavior for the ActiveX control. 
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