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TCustomADODataSet Members Public Properties
Public Properties
Contains any aggregate fields. 
Determines how many record buffers are read in each block. 
Indicates whether the first record in the dataset is active. 
Specifies the current bookmark in the dataset. 
Indicates whether the dataset permits write access to data. 
Specifies the interface reference implemented by the component. 
Indicates the number of components owned by the component. 
Indicates the position of the component in its owner's Components property array. 
Lists all components owned by the component. 
Describes the current state of the component, indicating when a component needs to avoid certain actions. 
Governs the behavior of the component. 
Indicates the persistent TDataSetField object that owns a nested dataset. 
Indicates whether a dataset's underlying field components are generated dynamically when the dataset is opened. 
Returns a pointer to the DataSet designer for the dataset. 
Stores custom data. 
Contains information used by the Form designer. 
Specifies whether to treat numeric fields as floating-point or BCD. 
Indicates whether a dataset is positioned at the last record. 
Indicates the number of field components associated with the dataset. 
Points to the list of field definitions for the dataset. 
Lists the field components of a dataset. 
Lists all non-aggregate field components of the dataset. 
Provides access to the values for all fields in the active record for the dataset 
Filters a recordset based on row update status. 
Specifies whether or not filtering is case insensitive, and whether or not partial comparisons are permitted when filtering records. 
Indicates whether or not moving to a different record is successful. 
Indicates the number of fields that comprise the current key. 
Retrieves or sets a field for an index. 
Specifies the currently active index. 
Indicates whether the dataset is unidirectional. 
Indicates whether the active record is modified. 
Specifies whether fields are stored hierarchically or flattened out in the Fields property. 
Indicates the component that is responsible for streaming and freeing this component. 
Properties is the implementation of the Properties Collection object. 
Indicates the active record in the dataset. 
Indicates the total number of records associated with the dataset. 
Provides direct access to the ADO Recordset object. 
Indicates the current state of the ADO dataset component. 
Indicates the size of a record in the dataset. 
Indicates the status of the current row. 
Specifies the sort order of the recordset. 
Determines whether a unique TField object is created for each element of an array field. 
Indicates the current operating mode of the dataset. 
Represents information used internally by components that support COM. 
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