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TCustomADODataSet Members Protected Properties
Protected Properties
Indicates the index of the active record in the internal cache of records. 
Indicates the number of columns in the dataset that represent Binary large object (BLOB) fields. 
Indicates the number of bytes used to represent a bookmark. 
Indicates the number of records in the internal cache. 
Provides indexed access to the record buffers in the internal cache. 
Points to the record buffer used during an OnCalcFields event. 
Indicates the number of bytes in a record buffer dedicated to storing calculated fields and lookup fields. 
Provides access to the internal command object that executes commands for the dataset. 
Specifies a command to be executed. 
Specifies amount of time to attempt execution of a command. 
Specifies the type of command to execute. 
Specifies record-level constraints that must be met when editing the data. 
Indicates the index of the current record in the internal cache of record buffers. 
Represents the data source of another dataset that supplies values to the dataset. 
Points to the list of field definitions for the dataset. 
Specifies the offset needed to convert indexes in the Fields property to field numbers. 
Contains the definitions of the indexes for the current table. 
Lists the columns to use for a persistent sort of the recordset. 
Indicates whether the dataset includes internally calculated fields. 
Manages the relationship between the ADO dataset and a master table. 
Specifies field or fields on which a Master-Detail link is based. 
Indicates the class type to use when creating nested datasets. 
Lists all nested datasets. 
Specifies whether the parameter list for an ADO dataset component is regenerated if the SQL changes at runtime. 
Contains the collection of parameters for an SQL statement. 
Specifies whether the command is prepared before execution. 
For internal use only. 
Specifies whether field definitions are stored with the ADO dataset. 
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