RAD Studio VCL Reference
TWebModuleList Class

TWebModuleList lists the WebModules in a WebSnap application and provides access to their factory objects.

TWebModuleList = class(TAbstractWebModuleList);
class TWebModuleList : public TAbstractWebModuleList;

TWebModuleList contains every Web module that has been instantiated in order to serve the current request. In addition, it lists the factory objects for all Web modules in the application, including any that are not instantiated. 

When a WebSnap application handles multiple requests concurrently, it includes multiple Web modules lists, each on a separate thread and each associated with a different request. 

The Web context, which can be accessed using the global WebContext function, provides access to the TWebModuleList object that is associated with the current request. Use the Web context's WebModules property to obtain a reference to the Web module list. 


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