RAD Studio VCL Reference
Variants.VarResultCheck Function

Raises variant exception based on HRESULT value.

procedure VarResultCheck(AResult: HRESULT); overload;
procedure VarResultCheck(AResult: HRESULT; ASourceType: TVarType; ADestType: TVarType); overload;
VarResultCheck(HRESULT AResult);
VarResultCheck(HRESULT AResult, TVarType ASourceType, TVarType ADestType);

VarResultCheck examines the HRESULT value returned by many variant routines. If AResult is S_OK, VarResultCheck does nothing. Otherwise, VarResultCheck attempts to map AResult to a variant exception and raise that exception. If VarResultCheck is unable to map AResult to a specific variant Exception, it raises EVariantError

Specify ASourceType and ADestType when the operation involves conversion between two variant types. 


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