RAD Studio VCL Reference
Variants.VarIsType Function

Indicates whether the specified variant represents a specified type.

function VarIsType(const V: Variant; AVarType: TVarType): Boolean; overload;
function VarIsType(const V: Variant; const AVarTypes: array of TVarType): Boolean; overload;
Boolean VarIsType(const Variant V, TVarType AVarType);
Boolean VarIsType(const Variant V, const array of TVarType AVarTypes);

VarIsType checks whether the type code for the System::Variant specified by V matches the specified type code or one of the type codes in the specified array. 

V is the System::Variant to check. 

AVarType is the type code against which to check V. 

AVarTypes is an array of valid type codes against which to check V. 

AVarTypes_size is the index of the last entry in AVarTypes (one less than the number of entries). 

VarIsType returns true if the given variant's type code matches the supplied type code or codes, false otherwise. 


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