RAD Studio VCL Reference
Variants.VarIsArray Function

Indicates whether the specified variant is an array.

function VarIsArray(const A: Variant): Boolean; overload;
function VarIsArray(const A: Variant; AResolveByRef: Boolean): Boolean; overload;
Boolean VarIsArray(const Variant A);
Boolean VarIsArray(const Variant A, Boolean AResolveByRef);

VarIsArray returns true if the given variant is an array. Otherwise, the function result is false. 

A is the System::Variant to check. 

AResolveByRef indicates how VarIsArray should handle the case when A is a reference to a System::Variant (when the VarType of A is varByRef or varVariant).When AResolveByRef is true, VarIsArray checks whether A is an array or A points to an array. When AResolveByRef is false, VarIsArray returns false when A has a VarType of varByRef or varVariant


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