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Variants.VarCopyNoInd Function

Copies a System::Variant.

procedure VarCopyNoInd(var Dest: Variant; const Source: Variant);
VarCopyNoInd(Variant Dest, const Variant Source);

VarCopyNoInd copies the variant given by Source into the variant given by Dest. Calling VarCopyNoInd in C++ or Delphi code is equivalent to a simple variant assignment in Delphi code. 

Dest can be a System::Variant or an OleVariant, and it must be possible to assign a value to it.  

Source is defined as a System::Variant, but an OleVariant is also allowed because it is a compatible type. However, Source can't have a VarType that includes the varByRef bit. 

The following table lists the expected behavior when using System::Variant and OleVariant types as parameters:

Works as expected.  
Works as expected.  
Works as expected.  
Source should be implicitly cast to an OleVariant.  


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