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UnicodeString Class

System::UnicodeString is the C++ analog for the Delphi UnicodeString type.

UnicodeString = class;
class UnicodeString;

Delphi utilizes several string types. System::UnicodeString can contain both Unicode and ANSI strings. Support for this type includes the following features:

  • strings as large as available memory;
  • efficient use of memory through shared references;
  • routines and operators that evaluate strings based on the current locale.

Despite its name, System::UnicodeString can represent both ANSI character set strings and Unicode strings. 

System::UnicodeString variables that have not been assigned an initial value contain a zero-length string.

Note: Delphi also supports System::UnicodeString, but implements it as a primitive type rather than a class. By default, variables declared as type String are System::UnicodeString.
Note: To be compatible with Delphi, System::UnicodeString indexing is 1-based.


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