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TObject::NewInstance Method

Allocates memory for an instance of an object type and returns a pointer to that new instance.

class function NewInstance: TObject; virtual;
virtual TObject NewInstance();

All constructors call System::TObject::NewInstance automatically. System::TObject::NewInstance calls System::TObject::InstanceSize to determine how much memory to allocate from the heap to contain a particular instance. Do not call System::TObject::NewInstance directly. 

Override System::TObject::NewInstance only for special memory allocation requirements. For example, when allocating a large number of identical objects that all need to be in memory at the same time, you could allocate a single block of memory for the entire group, then override System::TObject::NewInstance to use part of that larger block for each instance. 

If you override System::TObject::NewInstance to allocate memory, you may need to override System::TObject::FreeInstance to deallocate the memory.

Note: By default System::TObject::NewInstance calls System::TObject::InitInstance.


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