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Currency Class

System::Currency is the C++ implementation of the Delphi System::Currency data type.

Currency = class(CurrencyBase);
class Currency : public CurrencyBase;

System::Currency is a C++ class that implements a Delphi intrinsic type, also called System::Currency. Use System::Currency to hold monetary values.

Note: A System::Currency object is implemented as a 64-bit signed integer. Avoid operations that might cause integer overflow.
Note: Use only the operators defined by System::Currency. The compiler ignores any operators you overload yourself. Use the System::Currency constructors to create System::Currency objects from pointers to other System::Currency objects, and also from numeric and string values..
Note: To utilize the C++ streaming operators (<< and >>) with System::Currency, you must use #include <iostream> before #include <syscurr.h>. This occurs automatically if you include vcl.h, clx.h, or System.hpp. The following stream operators are defined:

ostream& operator << (ostream& os, const Currency& arg);
istream& operator >> (istream& is, Currency& arg);


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