RAD Studio VCL Reference
AnsiStringT::SetLength Method

Changes the length of the System::AnsiStringT.

function SetLength(newLength: Integer): AnsiStringT&;
__fastcall AnsiStringT& SetLength(int newLength);

System::AnsiStringT::SetLength changes the string's length to newLength, truncating if necessary. 

System::AnsiStringT::SetLength reallocates the underlying array of characters that stores the value of the System::AnsiStringT. Existing characters in the string are preserved, but the content of newly allocated space is undefined. If there is not enough memory available to reallocate the System::AnsiStringT, an EOutOfMemory exception is thrown. Following a call to System::AnsiStringT::SetLength, the System::AnsiStringT is guaranteed not to be a shared reference. 

System::AnsiStringT::SetLength returns the modified System::AnsiStringT object (*this) 


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