RAD Studio VCL Reference
SysUtils.TFloatRec Record

TFloatRec declares a utility record that provides access to the attributes of a floating point number.

TFloatRec = packed record
  Exponent: Smallint;
  Negative: Boolean;
  Digits: array[0..20] of AnsiChar;
struct TFloatRec {
  Smallint Exponent;
  Boolean Negative;
  array[0..20] of AnsiChar Digits;

The TFloatRec type declares a record that holds the attributes of a floating point number. The record makes the attributes accessible for easy formatting or specialised numerical processing.  

Exponent holds the floating point number exponent value. 

Negative is set true if the floating point number has a negative value. 

Digits is a 21 element array of numeric characters representing the floating point number mantissa value : its significant digits. 

TFloatRec is used by the FloatToDecimal function to hold the results of the conversion of a floating point value to its decimal representation. 


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