RAD Studio VCL Reference
TEncoding.GetCharCount Method (PByte, Integer)

Calcuates a number of characters generated by decoding a sequence of bytes.

function GetCharCount(Bytes: PByte; ByteCount: Integer): Integer; virtual; abstract; overload;
function GetCharCount(const Bytes: TBytes): Integer; overload;
function GetCharCount(const Bytes: TBytes; ByteIndex: Integer; ByteCount: Integer): Integer; overload;
virtual __fastcall int GetCharCount(PByte Bytes, int ByteCount) = 0;
__fastcall int GetCharCount(const TBytes Bytes);
__fastcall int GetCharCount(const TBytes Bytes, int ByteIndex, int ByteCount);

TEncoding.GetCharCount generates a number of characters by decoding Bytes

Bytes can be a byte array, or a byte pointer. 

The ByteCount parameter specifies the number of bytes to decode. 

The Return Value is the number of characters decoded. 


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