RAD Studio VCL Reference
SysUtils.StrPLCopy Function

Copies characters from an AnsiString (long string) into a null-terminated string.

function StrPLCopy(Dest: PAnsiChar; const Source: AnsiString; MaxLen: Cardinal): PAnsiChar; overload;
function StrPLCopy(Dest: PWideChar; const Source: UnicodeString; MaxLen: Cardinal): PWideChar; overload;
PAnsiChar StrPLCopy(PAnsiChar Dest, const AnsiString Source, unsigned MaxLen);
PWideChar StrPLCopy(PWideChar Dest, const UnicodeString Source, unsigned MaxLen);

StrPLCopy copies up to a maximum of MaxLen characters from Source into the null-terminated string Dest. StrPLCopy returns a pointer to Dest.

Note: Dest should point to a location with room for MaxLen + 1 characters, including the null terminator.

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