RAD Studio VCL Reference
SysUtils.StrAlloc Function

Allocates a buffer for a null-terminated string and returns a pointer to its first character.

function StrAlloc(Size: Cardinal): PChar;
const char * StrAlloc(unsigned Size);

StrAlloc allocates a buffer for a null-terminated string with a maximum length of Size - 1 (1 byte must be reserved for the termination character). The result points to the location where the first character of the string is to be stored. A 32-bit number giving the total amount of memory allocated is stored in the four bytes preceding the first character; it is equal to Size + 4. If space for a string is allocated with StrAlloc, it should be deallocated via StrDispose

Because AnsiStrings (long strings) are implicitly null terminated and dynamically allocated, the use of StrAlloc is deprecated. 


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