RAD Studio VCL Reference
SysUtils.MinDateTime Constant

Specifies the earliest supported TDateTime value.

MinDateTime: TDateTime = -657434.0;
TDateTime MinDateTime = -657434.0;

MinDateTime is the most historic date : 01/01/0100 00:00:00.000 that the TDateTime type supports. The actual shown value of -657434.0 reflects the fact that TDateTime is actually a floating point number, rather than a structured type. The mantissa holds the number of days relative to 12/30/1899 00:00:00.000, the exponent holds a fraction of a day.

Note: The fractional part of a TDateTime is always treated in a positive sense. It always means the elapsed part of a day - if the TDateTime value is negative, this refers only to a negative offset of the integral day value from 12/30/1899.

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