RAD Studio VCL Reference
SysUtils.FmtLoadStr Function

Returns formatted output using a resourced format string.

function FmtLoadStr(Ident: Integer; const Args: array of const): string;
AnsiString FmtLoadStr(int Ident, const array of const Args);

FmtLoadStr loads a string from a program's resource string table and uses that string, plus an array of arguments, as a parameter to Format

Ident is the string resource ID of the desired format string. 

Args is an array of arguments that replace the format specifiers in the string Ident designates.

Note: Args_Size is the index of the last element in the Args array (one less than the number of arguments).
FmtLoadStr returns the resourced string with the arguments applied. This is the same value that would result from calling Format, using the resourced string and the specified arguments. 


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